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A friendly bike shop in down town Fitzroy
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Our Strategy

Saint Cloud is a friendly bike shop in downtown Fitzroy. They strongly believe in supporting and endorsing unique and exclusive bicycle products on a local and international level.

Our strategy consisted of 3 main components: Search, Social and Content Creation


With such a large range of products and collections, our search strategy has ensured Saint Cloud can be found when potential customers are in their moment of search, browsing for specific bike products with intent to purchase. SEO works included menu navigation updates, categorisation of collections and sub-collections, enriching the product feed and optimising page titles and headings site-wide.

We also set up Google Ads to drive additional traffic and sales – with our focus on managing segmented Performance Max campaigns that deliver ads across search, shopping, display and YouTube.


Using Instagram, Facebook and TikTok we developed a sales funnel that takes users from initial brand discovery through to purchase. Campaigns focusing on engaging new customers incorporate AI targeting algorithms, and then users are retargeted based on measured behaviour.

Content Creation:

Capitalising on the amazing work done in-store, the content strategy has consistently highlighted the construction of custom-made bikes through a combination of imagery, GIF and video content. Success has come from running content that engages and entertains our target audience at the top of the funnel, then using retargeting to shift focus towards the product range.

Looking for a new website? We can help!

Looking for a new website? We can help!

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