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Our Strategy

Stage School are Australia’s leading provider of singing, acting and dancing classes for 3-18 year olds. We broke our strategy down into three main components: Search, Social, Conversion.

Search: Our SEO strategy relied heavily on location based search terms. We built out hundreds of suburb pages on their website to rank #1 in all of their catchment suburbs. We also leaned on Google Ads to generate a consistent amount of high quality traffic.

Social: Using always-on Meta and Tik Tok campaigns we created brand awareness and built out our middle of the funnel audiences during off-peak times, allowing us to spend heavily on a warm audience during enrolment periods. This cycle was iterated over time with continual improvement, allowing us to more than halve cost per lead over a 12 month period.

Conversion: Focusing on the post-click experience was crucial for Stage School’s growth. We designed and implemented a different landing page for each course offered, allowing for a more relevant customer journey. Traffic to lead conversion rate improved by 18% whilst still using the same landing page offer & call to action.

Need help generating leads? Our advice is free.

Need help generating leads? Our advice is free.

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